The 107 Year Challenge

October 12, 2015
Julie Strand
Will You take the Challenge?

Baseball in Chicago can be divisive, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also unite us for a common good! In the spirit of solidarity, our Executive Director, Ed Jacob (who happens to be a Sox fan) has pledged that if the Cubs win the series against the Cardinals, he’ll donate $250 to Franciscan Outreach. If they go on to win the National League Title, he’ll make it a $500 donation, and If they win the World Series, he’ll bump that donation up to $1,000!

We’re calling it the 107 year challenge and you can participate, too! Whether you root for the Cubs or for the Sox, this is a great way to make some good happen from the Cubs’ success.

How does it Work?

To participate, first, decide what levels you want to set your challenge at. You can match Ed’s challenge, or set your own set your own starting level which will double with each series win. For example, you could pledge $50 as the starting level, which would pump to $100 and then $200 with successive series wins!

Next, email us using the form below to let us know you’re participating and what your starting level will be! It’s that easy!

All proceeds raised from the challenge will benefit homeless men and women in Chicago who rely on Franciscan Outreach’s services.

Franciscan Outreach: Bringing Cubs and Sox fans together since 1963

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