Lee Lane

June 29, 2017
Julia Weegar

A Portrait of Homelessness in Chicago | Franciscan Outreach
Lee has been homeless on and off since 2012.

“My goals are to get my own apartment and a better paying job.” – Lee Lane

 Lee and his nine sisters and three brothers were raised by loving parents on Chicago’s West Side. His dad was a mechanic and taught Lee how to tune up a car.

Lee worked as a mechanic. Then, for years he worked for an interior decorating company.

“I like painting and wallpapering. I like making the walls look nice and beautiful,” says Lee.

In 2013, Lee was sent to prison for 18 months after being arrested for possession of drugs. He was paroled at Franciscan Outreach’s shelter on Chicago’s West Side.

He arrived at Franciscan Outreach on April 3, 2015. “It was Good Friday – so I felt it was a lucky day,” says Lee.

Married and divorced, Lee has a son, a daughter and seven grandchildren.

“My daughter picks me up and we spend holidays together. I love to see my grandkids,” says Lee.

Today, Lee works part-time at a distribution center in Chicago.

“Having a criminal background makes it difficult to get a good job and housing.” “It stops you from doing a lot of things,” he says.

At Franciscan Outreach, Lee is working on regaining the stability in his life. He has a bed each night, three meals a day and access to the services and resources to help him make positive changes in his life. Lee meets with his case manager each week.

“My case manager helps me set goals.” “He assists me with getting an ID, employment, job training.” “I’m on the housing waiting list,” says Lee.

Lee likes having his own locker at the shelter because it provides him with a little more privacy.

“It’s a hassle to carry a back pack around all day every day.” “I appreciate being able to keep my personal items in one place.” “I feel so blessed for that,” Lee says.

Lee Lane is a part of the Franciscan Outreach Mobile Gallery – A Portrait of Homelessness in Chicago

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