Join iGive for Franciscan Outreach

March 25, 2014
Ever shop at or  Have you bought gifts from or Maybe a new pair of running shoes from or to help you get ready for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon?
If so, sign up at and choose Franciscan Outreach as your designated charity.  We will receive a donation based on your shopping.  This donation is not tacked onto your purchase or anything like that.  Think of it as a rebate, except that the rebate is being sent in the form of a check to your favorite charity.
Sometimes this rebate is a percentage, like buying golf balls at will yield a 4% donation to us.  Other rebates are flat-rate.  Each store has their own rules/restrictions, but remember that the donations pile up pretty quickly!
To sign up, you only need to enter your first name, last name, email address, zip code and designate a charity.  (Just start typing “Franciscan Outreach” and you will see us.)  You will also create a password, of course.
We have found it beneficial to download the iGive button on the computers where we shop, especially with more than 1400 stores in the iGive network.  Whenever we go to a website that offers an iGive donation, a notification appears asking if we want the site to connect with our iGive account.  You don’t even have to check to see if the site offers the “rebate” – – you just go to your store and let the iGive tool work in the background with e-commerce sites.