Hunger Walk Team 2014

May 07, 2014

Hunger Walk 2013 Finish Line


Ready for a walk to help Franciscan Outreach?  We are forming a team to participate in the Greater Chicago Food Depository’s Hunger Walk on June 21, 2014. Each person’s effort will yield much-needed food credits for our Marquard Center Soup Kitchen.

For every walker we sign up and who come the day of the event, we receive a $12 food credit in our agency account with the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Signing up online let’s our team captain, Merrill Gonzalez, know who is walking with us so she can give day of event instructions. In order for Franciscan Outreach to receive the food credits, each person is expected to turn in a registration form the morning of the walk. (Walkers and non-walkers!) are also welcome to support Franciscan Outreach through a donation by clicking here.

When you are ready to sign up, go to the link below and click “Join a Fundraising team” on the right hand side. Search for Franciscan Outreach by name or Agency Number (A00247), then click on our name. Fill out your info and you are set. Merrill Gonzalez here at FO will contact you when we get closer to the event to give you the particulars, like meeting time and place.

Let’s get you signed up first: click here to register as part of our team.

Thank you!

P.S.  Some of our returning walkers may get a message saying that you can sign up soon.  Registration is ready now, so go for it.