Financial Reports

Franciscan Outreach is an independent corporation that is governed by a board of directors. We conduct an independent audit of our financial statements each year. We file IRS Form 990 each year as well. We attach our audited financial statements, prepared by an independent accountant, to our 990 forms when they are filed.

To view our 2014 Audit Report, please click here.

Another way to view our financial information is through our participation in Guidestar. Please click here to view our profile. There you will find our audited financial statements and forms 990 dating back to 1998.

A summary of our 2014 financials are as follows:

Revenues, Gains, and Reclassifications:
Donations $549,614
Donations from Franciscan Sources $61,371
Wills and Bequests $208,188
Grants (general) $566,538
Grants (government) $528,719
Special Event Revenue $279,836
Donated Services $324,910
Investment Income $179
Total Revenues and Gains $2,519,355

Expenses and Losses:

Total Program Expenses $1,775,763
Administrative $328,319
Fund Raising $412,916
Total Expenses $2,516,998
Realized and Unrealized Loss on Investments $0
Loss on Sale of Vehicle $781
Total Losses $781
Total Expenses & Losses $2,517,779
Increase In Net Assets $1,576
Net Assets: Beginning of Year $880,909
Net Assets: End of Year $822,485



  • We are fortunate to have the services of 12 full-time volunteers. These people, from across the US and the globe, live with us for a year and work directly with our guests.
  • In 2014, we received 25,040 service hours from our full-time volunteers. Using the valuation of $23.07 per hour (set by Independent Sector) and deducting expenses, it is estimated that $551,814 in additional program expenses would have been incurred if not for the services of these volunteers.