Case Management

Franciscan Outreach case managers provide one-on-one assistance to our guests as they work to build a better life. Moving beyond homelessness is complicated and difficult for a variety of reasons. Our trained case managers provide the direct attention our guests need to begin addressing these issues, as well as a pathway towards the resources they need to overcome obstacles.

Case managers reach out to guests who visit our shelter and Marquard Center, as well as the downtown homeless population who visit our offices in St. Peter’s Church in the Loop.

Our case managers help guests at each step on their path to success. Case managers assist in various ways such as:

  • Identifying needs and setting personal goals
  • Establishing life priorities
  • Obtaining physical and mental health care and substance abuse counseling
  • Determining eligibility requirements and availability of appropriate programs
  • Setting appointments and providing assistance in completing applications for various programs
  • Finding vocational training and jobs
  • Locating housing

In 2014, our case managers made 22,094 contacts which led to the following distinct interactions:

Issue Discussed  Number of Interactions
Permanent Housing 3,440
Employment 1,642
ID/Birth Certificate 2,456
Networking 2,396
Medical Care 1,038
Public Assistance 807
Social Security 725
Legal 609
Family Issues 887
Mental Health 413
Clothing 3,375
Optical 195
Overnight Shelter 800
Job Training 222
Food 2,936
Substance Abuse Treatment 433
Financial Assistance 118
Dental 79
Transitional Housing 289
Senior Services 84
Education 319
Veteran Services 82
Furniture 39
Rental Assistance 138
Immigration 32
Utility Assistance 52
HIV 48
Domestic Violence 100
Phone Use 492
Mail Address 454
Notary Public 739
Total 25,439



We also have collaborative arrangements with other agencies that provide services for our guests at our sites. See a list of our community partners here.

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Supporting Case Management Services

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