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You make it possible.

We invite you to play an essential part in providing our guests the critical services they need to survive.

About Franciscan Outreach
Franciscan Outreach is one of the oldest and largest providers for men and women who are homeless in the Chicago area. For more than 53 years, Franciscan Outreach has provided men and women experiencing homelessness with the critical services they need to improve their lives. At Franciscan Outreach, we meet people where they’re at and assist them on their journey as they strive to gain stability, security and independence. We provide meals, shelter, shower facilities, laundry services, mail services, access to health care and case management services, helping thousands of individuals who are homeless make positive changes in their lives.

People Need Help to Survive the Winter
Chicago winters are brutal for everyone. But for people who are homeless, they’re life threatening. On any given night, more than 6,700 of our Chicago neighbors are without a home. People living on the streets face a number of health risks due to prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures.

Please help Franciscan Outreach as we provide lifesaving support to those in need this winter.